Dongriin Foundation

A Community United by Education

Impacting Refugee lives through mentorship, financial support, and scholarships.

Empowering Refugees Through Education

Dongriin Foundation is a dynamic educational organization dedicated to uplifting disadvantaged communities through sustainable education, mentorship, and advocacy. Our mission is to provide transformative education to refugees and underserved youth, fostering national unity and prosperity. With a vision to nurture exceptional scholars and promote coherence, our core values include teamwork, empathy, integrity, individual development, community engagement, and inclusivity.

Our Vision

To nurture and enlighten greater academicians through providing access to sustainable education and excellent mentorship programs for national coherence and development.

Our Mission

To provide access to proficient education through mentorship programs, lobbying scholarships, financial support, and the development of modern schools to foster national togetherness and prosperity.

Our Programs

Our programs aim to provide transformative education to refugees and underserved youth, fostering national unity and prosperity.


Through fostering a nurturing mentorship environment, we aim to inspire and equip students with skills, knowledge, and confidence and instil hope amongst many refugee students.

Dongriin Library

A comprehensive library within the refugee camp, providing students, teachers and community members access to a diverse collection of books and educational resources. We aim to promote a love for reading and a quest for knowledge among the refugees.


Through lobbying for bursaries and sponsorships, we aim to raise awareness about refugee camp students' educational needs and empower them to pursue their dreams by breaking financial barriers.

Her Chance

At DF, we focus on empowering girl-children through "Her Chance" program to tackle gender inequality and improve access to education, health, and hygiene services. Our goal is to provide girls with the means to thrive.

Friends Awards

From 2023, six awards will be given yearly to the highest performing male and female students in Uganda's national exams. These awards, funded by Dongriinians, honor the Dongriinism and spirit of friendship precept while promoting support despite different backgrounds. The prize amount will vary per year.


At Dongriin Foundation, personal development and discipline are core principles. Each year, Dongriin Library selects two non-academic books for our community to read and foster a reading habit. Every Dongriinian is a bookworm, so read with us!

Our Plan

Dongriin Foundation’s primary goal is to provide access to quality education and mentorship to refugees, fostering unity and prosperity within the community. To achieve this, the organization focuses on key areas that require funding to make a meaningful impact. The budget is allocated as follows:

The funding allocation reflects Dongriin Foundation’s holistic approach to education and empowerment. By focusing on these key areas, the organization aims to uplift refugee students, promote education, and create a lasting positive impact on the lives of those they serve.

Mentorship Programs
Scholarships and Bursaries
Her Chance Program
Community Engagement

Our Impact

At Dongriin Foundation, we have been able to have some impact in the community as follows:

Students Mentored
0 +
Dongriin Library Books
0 +
0 +
Girls Supported

Our Recent Projects

Mentorship Program at Nyumanzi Secondary School

A team of Mentors and DF on ground Executives executed a mentorship program at Nyumanzi Secondary School under the theme “Leave No One Behind”


Mentorship Session at Rhino Camp High School

A One on One Mentorship and Questions session at Rhino Camp High School. We had an encounter with one student named Fiona who stood out bravely asking a series of concerning questions.


Mentorship at Siripi Primary School.

The Head Teacher at Siripi Primary School was so pleased to receive our team who shared their inspiring stories under the theme “I believe I can” The DF team was able to distribute some scholastic materials like books, pens and pencils to pupils.


Together we can Make a Difference

We are committed to empowering youth, investing resources in Youth and Community Engagement, Leadership training and Personal Development. Join us today and serve beyond self.